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Individualised, personal, expert

Just let us know your requirements and we’ll provide the services to deliver them. From consultancy to delivering your products to the agreed destination, our services will contribute to your product’s value chain.

alpha trans provides smart air freight, sea freight sea-air and rail transport solutions. We provide individualised service along with innovative logistics and outsourcing concepts, and design the entire transport chain to meet your requirements. Our business relationships are based on a dialogue of equals and satisfied customers.

 We ensure efficient consignment tracking through our automatic Track & Trace service and individual status reports. We offer in-house groupage services for optimal load safety and embed our philosophy of sustainability into our logistics: as much transport as necessary, as little transport as possible. We also have Authorised Economic Operator (AEO) status F.

At your request, we’ll also be happy to take care of any formalities relating to your transport. Need specific documentation to fulfil the terms of a letter of credit? We’ll handle it. Don’t want to have to deal with customs clearance? Just leave it to the alpha trans experts.

Air freight

The shortest (and highest) distance between two points

Aiming high? The quickest way to transport your goods is by air freight. alpha trans flies to all the major air hubs in the world.

Take advantage of our individualised service. Set the pace yourself. Air freight offers outstanding flexibility when you need your transport arrangements to fit with tight schedules. We will be happy to advise you on the following services:

  • Own consolidated transports (import and export)
  • Part and full charter
  • Door-to-door Service worldwide
  • Complete, L/C-compliant document creation
  • Transport insurance, procurement of certificates
  • Import and export customs clearance (ATLAS, AES, NCTS)
  • As a “regulated agent” we meet all safety requirements of the German Federal Aviation Authority


Inspected by the German Aviation Authority (Luftfahrtbundesamt)

In Germany, the Federal Aviation Authority (Luftfahrtbundesamt, or LBA) is responsible for all security issues relating to aviation. Companies that comply with the LBA’s specific security requirements are designated “regulated agents.” In addition to specific monitoring, this also requires consignors to carry out internal quality controls at their premises.

We are a regulated agent and therefore meet all German Aviation Authority (LBA) security requirements.

Import protective equipment

The demand for masks and protective clothing remains still increasing.
Meanwhile we have brought more than 50 million protective items to Germany by air or sea freight.
These include so-called community masks, but also urgently needed medical protective masks and nitrile gloves.
We support you with the contribution to containing the coronavirus and therefore, protecting people.
However, it is a long journey with lots of logistical challenges before the protective equipment reaches its destination.

  • Medical masks are still in demand worldwide – a secure supply chain protects your goods against theft
  • Due to high demand, there are always capacity bottlenecks and price fluctuations.
  • We compensate for capacity bottlenecks through long-term partnerships with various airlines by means of ‘space agreements’ and
    thus ensure your reliable and schedulable supply chain.
  • Strict safety precautions and medical requirements make it more difficult to handle the deliveries.
    We support you with being able to react flexibly and at short notice with the right local partners. So that you remain able to deliver
  • We advise you on the selection of the right mode of transport, depending on the delivery date. You can use our service by rail, air or sea freight
  • Do you need a holistic ‘door-to-door’ solution that complies with all required standards? Then, too, talk to us and you will receive a tailor-made offer.

Are you looking for a logistics partner who is reliable even in unusual times?
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Sea freight

Over the seven seas

Moving something big? Transport your valuable goods by water! We have a wide variety of transportation options to get them safely to their destination. And if your goods are small but beautiful, they will get their very own space in one of our groupage shipments.

Naturally, we select our sea freight carriers on the basis of rigorous criteria. We and our partners are able to offer you the following transport options:

  • LCL and FCL shipments, and conventional shipments
  • Own consolidated container transports thanks to worldwide presence
  • Subscription of own BLs, issuance in conformity with letter of credit
  • partial and full charter
  • Door-to-door service anywhere in the world
  • Production of fully LC-compliant documentation
  • Transport insurance, procurement of certificates
  • Import and export customs clearance (ATLAS, AES, NCTS)
  • Integrated pre- and follow-up dispatching, Europe-wide transports

Sea-Air transport –
the smart alternative

Our combined sea-air transport is the cost-effective solution for your transportation requirements. Sea-Air enables you to save up to 75% on transit time and reduce CO2 emissions by up to 45% compared to normal sea freight. Reduce costs by up to 30 % compared to conventional air freight. Our experience and expertise mean we have precision timing and are able to undertake continuous monitoring of shipping times, enabling us to transfer your goods rapidly between ships and cargo aircraft.

We organise your transportation from acceptance of goods to customs clearance through to CPT/DDP delivery. We are glad to arrange electronic customs clearance  (ATLAS, AES, NCTS) for you.

We are able to provide textile transport in hanging garment containers.

Let our Sea-Air experts put together an individualised sea-air shipment concept for you.


Rail transport

In addition to conventional transportation methods, alpha trans offers partial and full load rail freight shipment, in particular for goods going to and from China. This alternative will reduce your costs by up to 50% and thanks to its low CO2 emissions is more environmentally friendly than air freight. Moreover, transport times are up to 50% shorter than with sea freight. We have the capacity and flexibility to ensure that seasonal goods reach their destination even in peak periods. Take advantage of our door-to-door service, which includes Track & Trace, electronic customs clearance (ATLAS, AES, NCTS) and follow-up organisation. Additional services include block trains, hanging garment transport, flat pack shipping and temperature monitoring.

Our rail transportation experts will be happy to provide you with a customised quote.


For all the finer points

Your transport arrangements involve so many details. Goods have to be properly packed and sorted, and sometimes put into temporary storage. Delicate goods such as textiles require special attention. The expert services we provide include:

  • Picking and packing
  • Textile preparation and fine distribution
  • Packaging service
  • Warehousing
  • Complete GOH handling (GOH – garment on hanger)
  • Inventory management and stocktaking

Individual service

Tell us your requirements – we align our services to them. From the consultation to the agreed delivery at the destination. Our service becomes part of the value chain of your product. Benefit from our flexibility. Our partners worldwide are pulling together for you.

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